Supporting your team and their families through the relocation process

Relocating staff anywhere is a challenge. Leaving a settled life and comfortable home to start over takes careful planning. If there are families involved it’s important they’re happy with the move too.

That’s why we developed a supportive program of services aimed at facilitating integration not just for your employees, but for their partners and children too.

Relocating Staff to Gran Canaria

Support for your team and their families include:

Pre-move budget and tax advice:

  • Salary, cost of living and housing costs
  • Pre-departure work contracts, tax arrangements and recruitment advice
  • Tax, property contract, pension and payroll set up

Language and cultural preparation:

  • Pre-departure and Spanish language courses
  • Group and private (1-to-1) Spanish lessons
  • Business communications
  • Intercultural training and assistance

Career & education:

  • Career advice and counselling
  • Education briefing and application training
  • Interview preparation and communication
  • Job search and education support
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