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Our services for business in Gran Canaria have been developed over almost 4 decades, designed to minimising stress, allowing you and your employees to focus on work, without getting bogged down in admin or paperwork.

We can assist your company with relocation services, including immigration, removals, language and localisation, accommodation and banking.

The Canary Islands enjoy a privileged status within the EU, offering excellent tax incentives for new business. We can help you navigate the application processes involved in applying for certification.

Our expert financial advisors are on hand to ensure your business has the capacity to hit the ground running.

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Bespoke Relocation Packages

With more than 40 years experience and a well established network of reliable providers, we have the flexibility and knowledge to deliver a bespoke service that’s as unique as your company.

Our relocation packages are built to your individual requirements and focused on resolving your biggest challenges to establishing your company in Gran Canaria.

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Immigration & Residency

We have a range of free resources to help companies and their staff relocate to the Canary Islands and our team will be happy to advise you on the options available for your non-Spanish workforce.

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ZEC & tax incentives

All the Canary Islands enjoy a special economic status known as ZEC and lower taxation than other parts of the EU. While we remain very much a part of Spain and Europe, the cost of living and wages are considerably lower than elsewhere on the continent and there are significant tax breaks for new business.

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More about Simply Canaries

Simply Canaries is a division of Montelongo Asesores, one of the oldest and most respected legal firms in The Canary Islands. We’ve been offering reliable financial advice to business for over 40 years.

Our specialities have always been on finance, business and helping people move to the Canary Islands.

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Relocating or expanding your business to Gran Canaria

For new or expanding companies and businesses looking for a stable, cost-efficient European base – with easy access to emerging Latin American and African markets – the Canary Islands are ideal.

Our booming tourism sector also makes the region an excellent destination for leisure or property projects and investment.

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If you’d like to discuss any aspects of launching or relocating a business to Gran Canaria, do feel free to send us an email. Alternatively, if you’d like to speak to us by phone we’re happy to answer your questions in person.

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