Finding your new home in the Canaries

Whether you plan to buy or rent Simply Canaries can organise your search for a new home on the island according to your specific requirements.

We work independently from estate agents, searching the entire property market and providing an impartial selection of properties chosen to suit your budget and location.

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Finding the right school in Gran Canaria

Choosing the correct school for your children will go a long way to making them happy and comfortable in their new surroundings. There is a wide choice on the island, including public, private and international schools, some excellent colleges and the highly acclaimed University of Las Palmas.

Our education experts can advise you on the Spanish school system, the different options available to you and help with the registration / application process once you move to Gran Canaria.

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Settling in services

Because life has a habit of throwing up unexpected surprises, we offer a complete settling in service, designed to take care of the day-to-day hassles you’re likely to encounter when you move to the Canaries.

Our many years of experience mean we’ve developed a complete range of services, covering all the essentials of living in Gran Canaria.

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Family and spousal support

Because a family relocation is only successful when all the family are happily settled we offer a range of services aimed at making spouses and children feel at home in Gran Canaria.

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Repatriation and leaving Gran Canaria

If the time has come for you to leave the island we offer a comprehensive departure service, to cover all the essential tasks and administration involved in moving on. We’ll give you and your family the freedom to focus on the more important things – like getting to your next destination.

We can manage winding up your affairs in Gran Canaria, closing down utility, internet and phone accounts, settling tax returns, selling your home, forwarding mail and shipping your possessions.

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Buying property in Gran Canaria

Whether you’re looking for a new home or to invest in The Canaries, our expert property advisors can help you with every step of the process.

We’re completely independent, working with you to find the perfect property to match your budget and requirements.

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