Why choose us to help you find a school?

At Simply Canaries we know choosing the most suitable new school can be a difficult process.

Our education experts are here to show you all the available options and help you with the school application process, arrange fees and payment where applicable and ensure your children have the best possible start to their education on the island.

Gran Canaria has a wide selection of schools and colleges including public, private and international academies. Depending on your requirements and budget we have 2 options”

  1. An online or telephone consultation
  2. Our full school search package

As the name suggests, an online or phone consultation takes the form of a conversation, where we answer your questions, identify your needs and deliver advice on schools in Gran Canaria, admissions or any aspects of the education system and your child’s needs.

Our full school search package is a more personalised, in-depth service based on your family’s individual situation and requirements. Our education experts will walk you through the entire process, advising on the best schooling options and ensuring your children are settled in to their new school.

Looking for a university place? We can help with that too.

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Our 4 step school search package explained

  1. A preliminary interview with our in house schooling expert to determine exactly what you need.
  2. We deliver a full evaluation of the available schools matching your requirements, including inspection reports, the application process and availability of places.
  3. You choose the school or schools that interest you and if necessary, we arrange visits.
  4. Once you’ve decided on the right school we manage all the paperwork and application documents and submit your application.
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  Our goal is to help you understand the way education works in the Canary Islands, what your options are and decide on the right school for your children. Because making sure they feel happy and settled as quickly as possible is vital if you’re going to make a success of relocating.


Raquel Henriquez – Gran Canaria schools expert